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New Volkswagen Polo with 3-door variant

August 27, 2009
Good News for polo mania, the 3-door Volkswagen Polo is aloof as handsome attractive at the 5-door Volkswagen Polo. Volkswagen has absolutely got its babyish B-segment hatchback’s administration sorted out nicely. Best chiefly to me, the Polo now looks unisex, while its antecedent looked a little feminine to me.
3 doors volkswagen polo
3 doors volkswagen polo wallpaper

6 engines will be accessible with the car, with the best ammunition able actuality a 75 PS turbodiesel that uses alone 3.3 liters per 100km and puts out alone 87g/km of CO2. The best able agent so far is the 1.2 liter TSI, putting out 105 PS acknowledgment to its absolute bang and affected induction. Of course, that’ll alone be until the Polo GTI hot bear is unveiled, which could affection either a 150 PS or 180 PS engine, bold it mimics what’s offered with the hot adaptation of the Ibiza.

Look afterwards the jump for a abounding hi-res arcade of the 3-door Polo.


NEW 2009 ABT Volkswagen Golf VI GTI

July 14, 2009

A look at the new building will tell you that ABT is more than a standard Golf GTI’s `- and the sixth variation of fast compact car with the rear door large soaking in the best tradition. Precursors five cars also became powerful Golfs in ABT. ABT was and still is the place to go for everyone who wanted more from the beginning and dynamic driving fun. What better way to deliver these features on a daily drive with the exception of VW Golf GTI 6. ABT GTI and have been a potent combination since 1976.

ABT has made impressive gains in output from the engine. Due to the optimized management of the engine (of ENERGY ABT), the standard 155-kilowatt becomes impressive 191 kilowatts. ABT POWER S of the GTI makes even hotter with the use of a new turbocharger. After the 2.0-liter TSI with an output of 221 kW and accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in around six seconds. Thanks to ABT chassis released, the center of gravity of the GTI are lower by 30 mm, improving capacity corners. The adjustment of the chassis, which was designed by Christian Abt, is especially good fun winding roads. The deceleration of the rising need for speed and have pinched the ABT braking system therefore always be sure you control the NIR.

Apart from the key enhancements of Energy and the chassis of a golf GTI ABT is not just a hot piece of sports equipment for the road, it also seems a need. The package body underlines the sheer dynamics of the car, no matter how you look at the GTI, is always impressive. Superstructure rear spoiler and rear apron, side moldings, grille and front apron, as well as the unity of the form of an exhaust pipe of the diagonal 4. ABT engineers also designed a new front lip with the front apron and new daytime running lamp ABT. The paint shop in the steel gray metallic charcoal, coordinates well with the cast side and front lip, with its red that contrasts. The design also remains constant in the interior, with several rings of the instrument, adjustment of the door panels and steering wheel painted in red to match.

Volkswagen-Scirocco new

July 5, 2009

Volkswagen SciroccoImage by halilgokdal via Flickr

sirocco produced in 2006, 2007 , 2008 and 2009

VW sirocco clearly appear in June 2006 accumulation of a new Scirocco archetypal at the AutoEuropa accumulation bulb in Palmela, Portugal

A abstraction car previewing the 2008 Scirocco was apparent at the 2006 Paris Auto Show, alleged the Iroc (from the average four belletrist of “Scirocco”). The 2008 Scirocco has the advantage of two petrol engines and one Diesel engine: Volkswagen’s 1.4-litre TSI turbocharged straight-4 bearing 122 PS (90 kW) or twincharged 160 PS (118 kW), the 200 PS (147 kW) 2-litre TSI agent (currently featured in the Passat, EOS and Jetta) and the accepted abuse 2.0 TDI agent bearing 140 PS (103 kW) (currently featured in the Tiguan).

In April 2007, VW America’s carnality president, Adrian Hallmark, offered that Volkswagen adopted not to accompany the Scirocco to North America back it could abnormally affect GTI sales.[4] It was after declared that the final accommodation would be fabricated in 2008 by Martin Winterkorn (Volkswagen’s CEO), not Volkswagen of America.[5]

In the 24 Hours Nürburgring in May 2008, three new Volkswagen Scirocco did actual able-bodied in the acreage of over 200, amid them abounding aerial powered cars, finishing 11th and 15th, with adept Hans Joachim Stuck active both cars (and Carlos Sainz the slower one). The absolute competitors, two Opel Astra GTC apprenticed by drivers called from 18,000 hopefuls in a year-long TV covered process, were baffled decisively.